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My wife Helen and I were at our closest friends at home for a toga party last week invited. Cut an old white sheet to us the material we need for the toga. Helen cut into shape and has straps to hold the robe together, they really were like a tabbard with a belt. I put on my robe and had a pair of sexandsubmission white panties underneath. Helen put her again, and had a thong under white. He looked in the mirror and decided I was going sexandsubmission to the band, so he left. There was once my wife a party like this. arrived at our friends house and had a lot of Toga, in any shape or style you can imagine. We started with mixed couples there and drank a lot of wine. The music was in the background and what has become a rule of the dance floor of the dining room with dim lighting, to improve mood. A guy who had not seen us before Helen asked her to dance, and I was talking to an old friend. when IHelen climbed back into the dining room was kissing a boy and his hands had disappeared beneath the fabric of her gown and patted her ass. His eyes were closed, and you could sexandsubmission tell by the satisfied look on her face that she enjoyed the attention. I was talking to a couple who had his back to the dance floor, I could see what my wife got up to. The next issue slow start and the man turned and Helen danced behind her. His hands were under the toga again caress her breasts. He still had his eyes closed and sexandsubmission I could see how she moved her ass against his crotch. His hands moved down and to the point, of course, as Helen opened her mouth and breathed with difficulty. He started kissing her neck and put her hand behind her and began to pub in the queue. One of the sofa in the living room in the back of the room had been taken suddenly and took her hand and led. He pushed back the entire length on the sofa and opened the belt in his toga toga and rose again so it covers the face. Ideally, I thought, then no one would recognize. He opened his pants and has a good erect cock. He has his tail between his legs and put directly into your wet pussy. As it was pumping another guy who had never seen came with them and wanted to take the robe of Helen 's face, but the first man stopped him and said, ' Can ( Pussy Helen) to use me. ' Arrived a few minutes later and the second man took his place. As was pumping away, an old friend joined him again and wanted to remove the toga of the face of Helen, to see who it was, but the man stopped him. My friend asked him who he was, he was fucking and the guy said he had no idea and got it very important for my friend told me it was not and could go to one when the boy was ready. A few minutes later, my friend, sexandsubmission my wife, pumps, I'm sure there sexandsubmission would be if I had known that was. Helen was 8 men who Shagged me at night, kill me. Screwed 4 of my friends Helen, not because they knew who he was, and Helen had sexandsubmission no idea she had sex with her that night. It was a night to remember.
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